KAKO Scholarship Program

Beneficiaries: 100 children, years 6-20

Area: 14 different villages around Siem Reap, Cambodia


Based on KAKO’s illiteracy survey in 2002, we found out that many of children did not enroll in school or dropped out of school before completing primary education, even though they are willing to study. The main reason is that their parents cannot afford to send them to school due to their poverty. In other cases, the school is located very far from their villages.

In order to support those children in a sustainable way, Taipei Overseas Peace Service (TOPS) started a scholarship program in 2003 as a one-year pilot project. After the project evaluation in 2005, it became a regular project of KAKO.



  • Objective: To support the expenditure of beneficiaries for a whole academic year
  • Support period: To last for one academic year. In case the beneficiary and caretak­er did not follow the contract, he/she will lose qualification to receive any further support immediately
  • To cooperate with the Provincial and District Office of Education (PoE, DoE) and village state school to refer the awardees to the school
  • To collaborate with schoolteachers, principals, and local authorities to monitor the students’ learning and living conditions
  • To organize meetings of scholarship students, caretakers, and villages leaders twice a year 

Criteria for selection:

  • Children who did not attend school or dropped out of school (grade 1-12).
  • Children from poor families, who listed on the National Identification of Poor Households Program of the Ministry of Planning of Cambodia; in particular orphans and children with only one parent
  • Desire for education from children and their family
  • Females are the first priority
  • No support received within the same family
  • No child supported by other NGOs 

Types of support:

  • 1 package of stationery (bag, books, pen, pencil, eraser, etc…)
  • 2 sets of school uniforms (clothes, pants or skirts) per year
  • 2 pairs of shoes per year
  • 15 kg of rice per month (for 12 months)
  • 1 Bicycle (for those children who live further than 1 km from school)
  • Pocket money (500 riels per day, which equals about 0.125 US$)
  • Emergency case (20 US$/child/year for transportation and food from children’s home to hospital in case of sickness)
  • Sanitation material such as toilet, safe drinking water, soap, shampoo, detergent, etc. (not yet executed due to lack of funds) 

Statistics of scholarship students:

The scholarship recipients are based in 14 of 21 KAKO target villages and study in 14 public schools.