Why support KAKO

100% of your donation goes to KAKO’s direly needed activities of supporting Cambodian children. All members of the international board work without any compensation to ensure the biggest possible impact.

Three types of donations are possible:

  • Single payment cash donations for project and set-up costs
  • Repeated payment financial support for ongoing long-term projects or scholarships
  • Donations in kind, such as flight tickets, office equipment etc.

Most donations are general, allowing the ground staff of KAKO to use the funds for the most pressing issues. However, if you prefer, you can also donate to one of the specific causes listed below.


Scholarship Project

The scholarship project gives children from the most disadvantaged families access to education. While public schools are available, poverty can be a significant obstacle that prevents children from completing primary and secondary school. KAKO’s scholarship program provides children with essential school supplies (including uniforms and shoes), as well as monthly rations of rice (15kg) and eggs. Children in remote locations also receive a bicycle that allows them to travel to school.


Basic Education Project

KAKO has begun operating preschools for the village children to address the lack of public facilities. These preschools follow the official curriculum provided by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. KAKO believes that preschools are essential in preparing children for attending public primary schools, especially since children in remote villages are often born into illiterate families that are unable to provide the educational support the children need. To supplement their nutrition, the preschool children also receive soybean milk and fresh fruit.


Community Learning Center Project

Seven community learning centers (or village libraries) provide people of all ages in remote villages with access to books, newspapers, and learning materials. KAKO has hired and trained librarians from the local villages to operate the libraries. Five of the libraries have electricity and donated computers available.


Basic Health Project

The Basic Health Project focuses on providing dental and health check-ups as well as health education to villagers. In the past, two teams of volunteer dentists from Taiwan provided free services to roughly 3000 villagers. In addition, 700 families received rice (10kg/family) and other essential supplies from the volunteers.


Toilet construction
Rural villages in Cambodia need more toilets to improve the hygiene situation and prevent the spread of dangerous diseases. So far, KAKO has supervised the construction of 134 toilets, benefiting the lives of 670 people. The toilets are sturdy concrete constructions and have been built with consideration of the frequent flooding in the area.


Additional Projects

Housing for scholarship student’s family
With special financial support, houses have been built for selected KAKO scholarship recipients and their families.

English Instruction
Facilitated by KAKO, students from Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan taught English classes to students at Stung Preah Srok and Ampil Peam primary schools in 2013. Furthermore, they held a workshop for 15 local English teachers, covering language-teaching techniques.