Basic Education

Beneficiaries Pre-school: 125 students

Beneficiaries Health: 188 children (91 girls)

Area: Lvea, Kouk Srama and Snor villages

The earliest years in a child’s education are among the most formative. For this reason, it is crucial to provide children with an early and playful introduction to schools to encourage them to pursue school education throughout their childhood.

In order to provide this kind of education to children who do not have the opportunity to visit public pre-schools, KAKO has build pre-schools in the villages Lvea, Kouk Srama and Snor. In these pre-schools, around 125 students between the age of four and five are taught basic knowledge, learn songs, play educational games and most importantly get accustomed to visiting a school. The pre-school does not only lay an essential basis for the future studies of the children, but also provides health and nutritional care and assures that the kids are supervised attentively. To provide a safe and productive learning environment, we supply the students with soy bean milk and regularly monitor the classes.